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Making a choice to buy a Land Vs an Apartment can be hard: Hear it from our expert

There are lots of people who actually want to invest their money either by buying a flat or a plot but then few of them lack clarity in deciding what to buy whether to buy a 2BHK apartment in Pune or to look for property investment in Pune. You can also contact Mittal Brothers for more information and clarity on your decision

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The right choice

Every investor will have this question of which is the right choice in spending your money wisely. There are few people who actually want to shift from old home to new home and for others, it might be like buying a plot and keeping it to increase the resale value or for constructing an independent flat. There is no definite answer and it actually depends on the individual. Let us see various constraints and tips to make the right choice of buying a 2 BHK apartment in Hinjewadi,Pune or plan to purchase a property in Pune.

Flat vs Property

There are lots of major cities in India where the flat culture has been in demand and in a few places people tend to buy land or a plot to make an independent home. In such cases there is no ready-made stuff like flat for you, therefore, you may need to spend more money on constructing a new home with all the needed amenities.

There are lots of industry experts who actually suggest investing in real estate which is very much rewarding if done in an ideal way. The fundamental point is to check what do you need from the investment is it monthly returns or higher resale value and calculate it with your investment capacity.


If you want to buy a new ready-made flat then you may need to big amount either by taking a loan or by selling a flat or a property. By doing so you can actually stay in the new flat and still pay your EMIS but if you choose to buy a plot then you may need to give cash readily and apart from that you need to spend money for constructing a new design but then it is quite expensive and time-consuming when compared to ready to buy flat for accommodation.

Secondly, it also depends on the location which is more feasible whether to buy a 2bhk flat or plot. If you are trying to buy land in crowded cities like Pune then you will have space limitation, therefore, you need to spend a lot of money in such cases it would be great to go for a ready to move flat. You can find lots of banks offering a loan for buying a flat but it is not the case for buying a plot.

Resale value of the plot and independent home

If you are interested in constructing an independent bungalow or a home  you will definitely do it as per your taste but when you are about to re-sell it in case then not all the buyers will actually love your taste there might be a need for renovation cost which will actually affect the resale value of the constructed plot whereas in the case of selling a flat it would be at a fixed rate and wouldn’t  actually demand much when compared to the renovation cost of the independent home.