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Eco Friendly Properties-Latest Trend of Real-Estate

If you step out of your house everywhere you can find lots of buildings and towers. It really appears good with this weatherization of the properties but on the contrary are these properties Eco-friendly? What is the future of real estate? Let us elaborate on this point in here.

real estate companies in Pune
Highmont – Hinjewadi

Among the list of various real estate construction companies in Pune, Mittal Brothers are one of the best which promises a better future for the mankind in providing Eco-friendly, green and sustainable buildings which are very much responsible and resource-efficient and are becoming a serious part of the future of construction industry. Its importance is slowly understood by the buyers, sellers, developers and the government.

Priority is shown on “Health is Wealth”.

 Cheap and the best home for a healthy living

 Most of them might be thinking that Eco-friendly homes are quite costly, No! Shifting towards Green Home is quite cheaper and easy when compared to sophisticated buildings. This will also save lots of money for future investments.

It is a known fact that there is a change in climate and global warming is increasing because of the depletion of the ozone layer. They have irreversible impacts on human and animal life. You just need to change your lifestyle which can decrease the environmental impact.

Most of the real estate developers in Pune are shifting towards Green Environment.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Homes

 1) Longer Durability

It might be astonishing to know that when compared to traditional homes, green housing is affordable and has a longer durability and sustainability. A solid frame is provided by a steel beam when compared to a wood. Therefore it can withstand high winds without any problem. To reduce the waste, green living constructions use every element to its extreme.

2) Re-sale Value Increases:

Don’t think that green living is a way back to ancient times, rather it also has lots of modern conveniences and luxuries. Rainwater harvesting and Photo-voltaic solar power resources are installed. It is easy to generate electricity whenever in need rather than depending on the powerhouse. The same applies to water supply and demand. Green homes are temperature controlled and therefore it is definitely a valuable asset.

3) Easy Maintenance

As discussed earlier green living reduces the cost and is very affordable, healthy for mankind. The rainwater harvest saves around 60 % currency annually. With the use of photo-voltaic solar electricity decreases the need to pay the electricity bill. You can also make use of LED’s for the least electricity consumption.

4) Future of real-estate

Most of the builders have shifted to constructing green homes and use very fewer resources effectively. It is definitely worth to go for a greenhouse for a better future which will save economic value, health, environment, and livings.