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Deciphering Rainwater Harvesting

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In a country like India, there are lots of high-density monsoon places. Although we receive 150 cm rainfall on an average there is a lack of water supply. There is a restricted availability of water and this issue needs to be met with an alternative solution to preserve it.

The answer to this is Rainwater harvest.

To collect and store rainwater from rooftops, rainwater harvesting technology is used. It is a simple technique done with the help of jars and pots and more complex techniques like underground check dams. It is an ancient tradition practiced in Asia and Africa. It is ignored as old but then only a few know its capability.

There are lots of misunderstandings with respect to Rainwater Harvesting:

  • Costly: The installation of the equipment is very difficult and it is a costly method. Well, there are few costly types of equipment but on the other hand, you also have some cheap alternatives like roof based runoff and land-based runoff along with the recharge pits. A sustainable source of water that can be used for drinking and washing purpose is the rainwater collected via roof based runoff. It can also be used for a vehicle, floor, and toilet cleaning. Thus the water needs for a household is reduced by 80%.
  • High-maintenance: This is another misunderstanding that they demand much to be maintained. They are passive and do not need much work after installation. You just need to clean it basically. It does not require much time, effort and money for maintenance.
  • Poor Quality: The quality of rainwater is the doubt over here. It is not only the ideal source of water but is also unadulterated and pure when compared to other sources of water. It is ideal to be a part of lots of domestic and non-domestic requirements of the residents. If the rainwater supplies hot water system then this can reduce the needs up to 85%.
  • Not Ideal for Dry Climate: There are lots of misunderstanding with regards to this point that it is not useful for a dry climate. There are lots of cities which have a scarcity of rainfall, such cities can get benefited by rainwater harvest. On an average 2000 liters of rainwater can be collected for every 1000 sq feet of collection area.

Deciphering Rainwater harvesting is one of the important methods implemented in the new Projects in Pune constructed by Mittal Brothers.

Thus we are here to make a difference in mankind and environment by the use of natural resources which will never go extinct and will cost you quite less when compared to other standard techniques used today.